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GM Salmon WON’T Feed Hungry World Populations

Genetically modified organism (GMO) proponents constantly proclaim that GMOs will help feed the hungry and solve world hunger. This is one supposed benefit of genetically modified (GM) salmon as well. But a recent report out of Europe, GE Salmon Will Not Feed the World, says otherwise. Food & Water Watch reports: GE* Salmon Will Not […]

November 19th

Could GM Salmon Escape Into the Wild?

Four thousand Scottish salmon escaped from Loch Duart Salmon Farm in Scotland. If ordinary salmon can escape a farm, why can’t GM salmon? Silly question. Of course GM salmon will be able to escape into the wild.

November 18th

Breaking: FDA Reassesing GM Salmon

Today marked a small victory for opponents to genetically engineered food. The FDA announced is needs more time to decide if it’s going to approve AquaBounty’s GM salmon, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over for opponents of the GM fish.

September 22nd

Genetically Modified Salmon Nearing FDA Approval

Wild salmon populations are dwindling from over fishing, and consumers’ taste for the fish is far outpacing the salmon’s ability to reproduce. It takes about 3 years for these fish to reach maturity, meaning that natural populations take years to replenish. Massachusetts-based AquaBounty is has developed a genetically modified salmon that matures in 18 months, […]

July 20th