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Would You Dumpster Dive for Food?

Many dumpster divers utilize urban foraging as a sort of protest against the established corporate food system and as a means to eliminate unnecessary waste. Basically, it is the practice of sifting through trash (mostly commercial, sometimes residential) in search of salvageable food, clothing, and other discarded, but still useful, items. Dumpster diving is an intentional action against a materialistic and wasteful society.

April 13th

7 Good Reasons to Quit Bottled Water

We had an extra Green Diva Meg in the house today! Our special guest Green Diva Meghan Van Dyk, the editor of the Daily Record’s Grassroots section was in the studio to help kick off our new weekly segment called, Gettin Local with the Green Divas: Wherever You Are! This segment is sponsored by the Daily Record’s Grassroots section and will […]

March 14th

Are you sure you can compost that tea bag?

The British are known for their tea drinking. It is estimated that of the 165 million cups of tea consumed per day in the UK, 96% are of them are made with tea bags. That’s a lot of tea bags! In an effort to reduce methane gas produced by decomposing food waste in landfills, several […]

July 19th