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9 Effective Uses for Oatmeal that Go Beyond the Cereal Bowl

We all (hopefully!) know by now that oatmeal is good food. It’s loaded with heart healthy fiber and beta glucan, the polysaccharide that has a multitude of benefits to our body. Oats are also a source of omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and avenanthramides, antioxidants that promote circulation.But guess what? Oatmeal can do lots of other things. Intrigued? Here are 9 uses for oatmeal that go beyond breakfast.

July 30th

Oatmeal Kids (Of All Ages) Will Love

Oatmeal has gotten a bad rap.  Kids (and adults) may view it as a health food with all the flavor of drywall.  There are a lot of ways to get kids of all ages to wake up and WANT oatmeal for their breakfast of choice. Of course, the health benefits are clear.  I’m 34, and […]

September 14th