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The ADHD-Food Connection: Can Food Cure ADHD?

Is there a relationship between ADHD, food and behavior? Are there foods to eat, and foods to avoid? Research suggests there are.   I recently came across an article about how ‘poop pills’ could help infection victims. That led me to an article about how probiotics might be helpful for relieving anxiety and depression. And then I came across an […]

October 28th

The World’s First Probiotic Coffee

Tipton Mills of Buffalo, NY recently announced that it has created the world’s first probiotic instant coffee. Consumers are now able to get a daily dose of probiotics with their morning joe, specifically in Tipton Mills private label and direct-to-consumer instant coffees and other beverages. Probiotics are commonly associated with yogurt, but now a small […]

January 15th

Raw Sauerkraut: A Fermented Superfood

The following is a cross post from Folksy Brews. Making sauerkraut requires a process of pickling called lacto-fermentation. Lacto-fermentation is a form of food preservation that employs various lactic acid bacteria to convert sugars in the food into lactic acid. The bacteria required for this food transformation are already present on raw cabbage so no […]

July 14th

Holiday Binge Might Alter Gut Microbes

Overeating on holidays like Thanksgiving is more than acceptable in our culture – it’s expected. Why not binge on mashed potatoes, gravy, and pecan pie?  Thanksgiving only comes once a year, after all.  Sure, you might gain a few pounds over the holiday season, but you have until New Year’s to worry about those. New […]

November 21st