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Funky Chicken: New Reports Find Poultry Bacteria-Laden, Regulation Inadequate

Do you still eat chickens? There’s never been a better time to consider ditching birds from your diet. New reports find ridiculous levels of bacterial contamination in chicken meat, including many antibiotic resistant strains. Both organic and conventionally raised birds were found to be riddled with potentially dangerous bacteria, calling USDA practices into serious question and providing abundant inspiration for alternate sandwich-ingredient exploration.

December 19th

Whatcha hiding, Big Chicken? Chicken Industry Takes Bold Stance Against Transparency

The controversial and recently expanded HACCP Based Inspection Models Project (HIMP) moves poultry plants towards less regulation and increased line speeds. Consumer advocate and Food & Water Watch lobbyist Tony Corbo requested the opportunity to work in a HIMP facility, to gain understanding of the new (self)regulatory process and how it effects our food supply. The National Chicken Council denied Corbo’s request last Friday: they greatly prefer no transparency at all, please and thank you! Anyone surprised?

April 17th

Sex, Lies, and Antibiotics: Tyson Caught Lying About Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Tyson Injects and Feeds Antibiotics into “Raised without Antibiotics” Labeled Chicken The second largest chicken producer in the United States has been lying to consumers.  Tyson Foods has been claiming chicken as “Raised without Antibiotics” that has been injected with drugs before hatching. Tyson has been tricking Americans and bending USDA rules about truthful labeling […]

November 10th

Urban Agriculturalist: Backyard Chickens

Urban Agriculturalist is a series on the ways city and suburb dwellers use their land as a food resource. Behold Gallus Domesticus, the backyard chicken and latest slow food phenomenon. Traumatized by images of chicken warehouses, disgusted by food recalls and perhaps even longing for animal companionship, urban dwellers are becoming enthusiastic chicken owners. Urban […]

March 26th