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Tart Cherries – A Natural Remedy For Insomnia?

A new study out this month finds that tart cherry juice can help you get a better night’s sleep, but there are study limitations and it probably doesn’t have as strong of an effect as other methods for curing insomnia. Nonetheless, here’s another reason to enjoy some cherries or cherry juice today. There are many […]

July 26th

Beat the Heat with Coconut Water

There’s something about the first couple days of heat that always gets to me. Even though summer hasn’t officially begun, it’s been unseasonably hot here in Missouri. After sweating all day on the farm, I come home feeling worn out and dehydrated. The one thing that really helps me adjust to summer temperatures is coconut […]

May 31st

Honey is a Health & Fitness Queen

With a lot of great health and fitness benefits, honey should be a common staple in people’s daily diets. Other than its great taste, it has numerous benefits for our bodies, immune systems, weight, and energy which you may not be aware of. Honey is a source of a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino […]

October 30th

The Healing Dish: Organic Red New Potatoes

Organic red potatoes are in season and make a delightful accompaniment to any meal. Their bite size is great for all sorts of side dishes. These little lovelies taste good boiled and mashed, baked and browned, tossed in a summer salad or simply enjoyed on their own. Red potatoes are just as healthy as they […]

June 20th