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Vote For Real Food: Learn How Food Friendly Your Political Representatives Are

We’ve been treading water in a pool of political juices for awhile, so I apologize for stirring the legislative pot, but food policy has become a political topic. And now we have a tool to help us decide which levers to pull. A new organization, Food Policy Action (FPA), seeks to keep us in-the-know on how well our national government representatives support (or fail to support) important food policy decisions.

November 17th

5 Myths About Food Safety Act HR 875 Debunked

There has been a lot of fear and hysteria surrounding the Food Safety Modernization Act (HR 875) coming from small growers, organic gardeners, and organic consumers alike. HR 875 was introduced by Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro, Connecticut, “to separate food safety regulation from drug and device approvals and to restore the balance that has long […]

April 7th

The True Thanksgiving Day History: Thank Journalism, not Pilgrims

As you recover from your day of Thanksgiving feasting, you might be curious as to whom you should really thank for your day off from work or school day of celebration. There are many stories, myths, and misinformation surrounding Thanksgiving history. Equally significant are the many strong emotions and opinions evoked this holiday, including everything […]

November 29th

Food for Thought

Stevia Sweetener Safe or Not? Just as soft drink companies are poised to introduce new products sweetened with Stevia-derivative rebiana, a new 26-page report by toxicologists at the University of California, Los Angeles showed in several laboratory tests that the sweetener causes mutations and DNA damage, which raises the prospect that it causes cancer. Based […]

September 5th