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Waste-free Options for Summer Picnics

Picnics and outdoor gatherings offer some of summer’s most enjoyable occasions.  However, if you are an environmentally-conscious person, it’s likely that you cringe a bit when you see all of the trash generated from disposable plates and cups at parties. Disposable products may seem like the only practical option in our busy lives, but alternatives […]

July 22nd

Late Spring Panzanella

I just got back from canoe camping in the Ozarks with my mom and boyfriend. Since you don’t have to carry your food when you go canoe camping, you can plan more elaborate meals. They always taste extra delicious after a day of paddling! Here’s our favorite from the trip, a late spring panzanella with […]

June 8th

Rice Salads: Lunch for a Busy Week

[social_buttons] Now that I’m working as a full-time farm intern, I have very little time in the morning to a pack a decent lunch. My solution? Rice salad. I can make a batch in under an hour on Sunday and, voila, enough lunch to keep me fueled for the whole work week. Rice salads are […]

April 26th

Farmers Market Fare 12

© Karin Lau | Midsummer is upon us. How did that happen? Our CSA bag yielded fresh corn. While many folks have vilified corn because of it’s tainted connections to HFCS, livestock feed and corn ethanol and just about everything subsidized in foods, well, fresh corn on the cob is still one of my […]

July 15th