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Know Your Roots, Be the Change: Vegetarian History Project Launches!

The Vegan Option’s Ian McDonald just launched a Kickstarter project to fund his most ambitious project yet: The Story So Far: Vegetarianism — A Radio History. I had a chance to interview Ian recently, and am now completely excited about this brand-new radio project! It offers a something the veg movement has never before had: a complete, accessible, and cohesive picture of our historical roots. Yes, please!

January 30th

Grr…Lick the Bittersweet Symphony That is Life

(Image courtesy of Can you imagine anything worse than being somewhere in public and realizing your breath is loaded with a smell so pungent that it’s offending everyone in a one mile radius from you? It may be fair to say that garlic tops the list there. Yikes. I’ve nightmares about this and think […]

October 9th