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Abundant Herb of the Moment: Basil

In Texas, the basil is rockin’. I’ve nurtured three plants this spring, and they are happy indeed, but I know as the summer heats up, their tender leaves will suffer. So I’m doing my best to enjoy as much of their bounty as I can now and preserve like a pioneer woman for colder times. If you love basil, I hope you’ll enjoy my quick tips for growing, using, and preserving this wonderfully spicy-yet-sweet herb.

June 30th

Basil Bounty: Three Tips for Saving Money by Making Your Own Pesto (Recipe Included)

July ushers in the epitome of summer garden abundance here in Wisconsin. So I was disappointed to see my local supermarket in town selling a teeny “fresh” box of basil from California, a quarter of an ounce for $2.49. With these high ingredient prices, it’s no wonder making your own pesto hasn’t evolved to higher […]

July 23rd

Dandelion Wine, Tea, Salad and More Magic in Your Own Backyard

Ever since reading the novel Dandelion Wine in grade school, I’ve been rather curious about the culinary history of this common garden plant. Many consider it a weed, others think it has magical seeds that grant wishes when blown, however, what few realize is that it has been a medicinal healing plant for centuries. Some like dandelion root as […]

January 25th

Edible Wild Food: Sorrel

Today we’ve eaten the last of our sorrel until spring. Where I grew up we had traveller families who passed through our village several times a year, and when they did, their children would join us in school for a few weeks. As they walked home, the traveller kids regularly foraged for food: hazelnuts in […]

November 19th

Farmers Market Fare 15

It’s still August, and thus, still tomato season. Around our house, we are eating about 15 lbs. per week. It’s a lot of tomatoes. Yet, tomatoes are so versatile, so easy to cook in so many ways. Come December, they will be the first on the list of fresh produce that I miss most. If […]

August 12th

Basil Bounty Makes Perfect Pesto

I was over at my lovely mother-in-law’s house yesterday, and I noticed how well her window box full of herbs (a gift from my husband and me) was doing. The basil was out of control–in a good way. I asked her what she was going to do with the basil, and she said she didn’t […]

June 10th