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Coca-Cola Finally Eliminates Flame Retardant From Powerade

More than a year ago PepsiCo, makers of Gatorade, removed brominated vegetable oil (BVO), an ingredient that has been patented as a flame retardant, from its beverages. Coca-Cola, makers of Powerade, are finally getting on the band wagon. It was news when PepsiCo agreed to remove brominated vegetable oil (BVO), an ingredient that has been patented as […]

May 6th

Pepsi In Paper Bottles?

PepsiCo recently filed a patent for a new paper bottle. Will it launch a packaging revolution or just a new waste stream?  According to, PepsiCo filed a patent for a new paper bottle with the World Intellectual Property Organization for a  process for making bottles from paper fibers, although an internal plastic liner would still be […]

March 22nd

Oxfam Slams Coke, Pepsi Sugar Land Grabs

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Associated British Foods are the world’s biggest producers and buyers of sugar are not doing enough to stop land grabs and conflicts in their supply chains, says Oxfam in a new report issued today. This is no small issue. According to a press release yesterday, the global sugar trade is worth about $47 […]

October 3rd

A #LITTERATI Filled Hike at Mohonk Mountain House

My family recently went to Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY.  One of our favorite things to do at the vast historic hotel is the legendary “rock scramble.” This two-hour hike has you squeezing yourself between rocks, climbing permanently mounted wooden ladders and scrambling over and hopping on rocks but yields “insane views … a […]

June 29th