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Pepsi In Paper Bottles?

PepsiCo recently filed a patent for a new paper bottle. Will it launch a packaging revolution or just a new waste stream?  According to, PepsiCo filed a patent for a new paper bottle with the World Intellectual Property Organization for a  process for making bottles from paper fibers, although an internal plastic liner would still be […]

March 22nd

Masi Agricola Vineyard Goes Green

The Boscaini family have been the owners of the Masi Agricola Vineyards in one of Italy’s best wine regions, Valpolicella, for six generations. Sandro Boscaini, the company president, along with his children and brothers run Masi Agricola and the newest generation of owners are fully committed to integrating environmentally friendly initiatives into their winemaking practices. […]

May 30th

Dairy-based Plastics

Food packaging is perhaps one of the biggest drains on resources in our society.  We use petroleum to make it, use it once, possibly recycle it, but it has a pretty good chance of ending up in the North Pacific Garbage Patch or a landfill. Researchers are investigating a new dairy-based “plastic” that could revolutionize […]

December 8th