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Top News from the Food Front: 10 Stories Savvy Foodies Need to See!

Should a man lose his home for the crime of growing food? Are Monsanto shareholders joining the GMO labeling fight? Just how comfortable are we with kids going hungry? Is Walmart the real victim of recent food stamp cuts? Have we, in fact, lost our minds as a society? Read on, for answers to some of these questions and mounting evidence regarding others. Get your weekly food news update here!

February 1st

Ew! Half of Fast Food Workers Don’t Wash Hands

We know you eat better than stopping at every fast food joint on the road. Good thing, too. Because an FDA official claims that over half of fast food employees don’t follow the “Wash your hands before returning to work” rule. That could make a whole lot of people sick with more than just obesity. […]

July 30th