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Top News from the Food Front: Ag-Gag Alert, GMNo, & Food-Package Poison

Idaho strides boldly towards hideousness, with its latest bill aimed at criminalizing animal-ag whistleblowers. Food stamp use rises among a population where it absolutely should not, and a new report indicts the ‘substantial equivalence’ assessment that boosted GMOs to grocery-shelf sovereignty. Meanwhile poison seeps into your food from its packaging, and grocery manufacturers try to dupe you with deceptive labeling — okay, technically that last thing isn’t (strictly speaking) ‘news.’ But the food news world has been hopping this week: don’t miss the good stuff, read on!

February 22nd

It Was Just a Matter of Time: PepsiCo Ditches ‘Natural’ for ‘Simply’

In the tsunami-like wake of lawsuits filed against major food brands for misuse of the word “natural” to market unnatural synthetic and genetically modified ingredients in products like Wesson Oil and Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish (which also don’t contain any goldfish if anyone else wants to jump in on another class action suit), PepsiCo has decided to drop its use of “natural” for a simpler word. Literally. “Simply.”

February 14th

One-Stop-Shop Helps You Make Claims For False ‘Natural’ Labels provides consumers with a “one-stop-shop” to find foods with false ‘natural’ labels and then file class action rebate claims online. Too many false ‘natural’ labels The website is a handy platform for consumers to check out whether they are eligible for rebates that come as the result of class action lawsuits. Consumers can electronically […]

September 9th

7-Eleven Shuts Down False ‘Natural’ Advertising Lawsuit

7-Eleven Charged with False ‘Natural’ Advertising Convenience store chain 7-Eleven Inc. was about to join a growing list of companies that have been sued for mislabeling their food products with the term ‘natural’ and other deceptive marketing claims. But, not today. According to, a federal judge in California has dismissed a proposed class action […]

August 27th

100% Natural Rhubarb Liqueur Hits The Shelves

Rhuby Rhubarb Liqueur seems to be 100% Natural. Truly. These days it seems like everyone wants to cash in on the $29 billion ‘natural’ foods market. Alcohol companies are no exception. Many, if not most, alcoholic beverages’ ‘natural’ claims are at best questionable (like Skinnygirl Cocktails). Rhuby, the recently launched Swedish rhubarb liqueur, however, claims that […]

August 16th

Bogus ‘Natural’ Products Under Attack

I was thrilled to learn that in March of this year that the Organic Consumers Association has launched a nationwide campaign to “expose and eliminate the misleading practice of ‘natural’ labeling and marketing. Bogus ‘Natural’ Products The  Organic Consumers Association, North America’s leading watchdog over organic and fair trade standards, has launched a new nationwide campaign. […]

July 16th