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How to Cure Common Ailments With Peppermint

I’m not a fan of most conventional medications.  No matter how bad an occasional headache might get, you’ll never find me reaching for a bottle of Excedrin.  The same goes for an upset stomach–I’d rather just ride it out than chug Pepto Bismol or chew those  chalky tablets.  Chest cold?  Call me Superwoman, but I’ll […]

March 19th

Buzz Off! How to Beat Local Allergies With Local Honey

Drippy.  Itchy.  Stuffy.  Groggy.  Sound familiar?  If you regularly suffer from springtime allergies, the answer is probably yes.  While loading up on the Claritins, Benadryls, or Zyrtecs is one option, you can also try some local honey. When bees ingest the nectar from flowers, they’re also ingesting some of the plants’ pollen.  This nectar is […]