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Grow Your Own Mushrooms. It’s Easy!

I’m growing my own mushrooms. Shocked? I was too as I watched a brown cardboard box with a plastic bag of “something” become host to a crop of fresh fungus in less than a week. I ordered my “grow your own mushroom garden” from Back To The Roots, a California company that sells small mushroom gardens-to-be in boxes filled with recycled coffee grounds.

July 14th

BTTR Ventures Musroom Kit Winner

Thanks so much to everyone who liked, commented, and spread the word about the BTTR Ventures giveaway! We loved hearing about your favorite mushrooms and mushroom dishes.

The votes are counted, and we used a random number generator to pick our winner! The winner is…….

November 9th

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Help Save the World

Here’s a fun one. Someone shared this video with me recently and I thought it was worth sharing with you all. Mushrooms are apparently amazing. I have never spent much time learning about these fungi, but after watching this video below, I have developed a great respect for them. It is likely they were the […]

October 4th

Home Grown Mushrooms

On top of being just plain delicious, mushrooms are an excellent vegan source of dietary copper. We need copper in our diets to help our bodies produce red blood cells. They’re also a great source of potassium, which promotes healthy muscle and nerve function. We’ve talked here before about foraging for wild mushrooms, but it’s […]

September 30th

Natural Insect Repellent for Foragers

Here at Eat.Drink.Better, we pay a lot of attention to the toxicity of our food. But what about the chemicals that we put on our skin? As an avid forager for wild foods, I’m in the woods a lot. I don’t want to be eaten alive while hunting for dinner, but I also don’t like […]

July 20th

Wild Eats Library: Must-Reads for Foragers

Last week Hank Shaw posted this piece on The Atlantic Food Channel about his favorite books for foragers. It’s an excellent list of must-reads for anyone interested in wild edible plants and mushrooms. Here are a few more books that I’d recommend adding to your library.

July 7th