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(Yet Another) New Study: Reduced Meat Consumption Means Less Chronic Disease, Less Pollution

A Cambridge study published earlier this month once again links consumption of red and processed meat to increased rates of chronic disease, including coronary artery disease, diabetes, and colorectal cancer. Researchers also found that reducing meat consumption offers significant environmental benefits, in terms of reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Pass the kale and lentils, please!

September 21st

America’s Meaty, Chemical-Laden Diet

As I think everyone here knows by now, Americans eat a ton of meat, more than we need or than is healthy for us. The Environmental Defense Fund recently put together some simple, clear statistics on this matter as well as a few others and I thought I’d share them here. Check ’em out (& […]

December 15th

Meat Eaters Get Dose of Fire Retardants With Their Grub

People are exposed to the fire retardants PBDEs from their furniture, electronics, and most plastic-containing household products. But now, a new study shows that we’re getting them in our food, too. And meat-eaters are especially susceptible. Environmental health researcher Alicia Fraser, of Boston University’s School of Public Health, warns us, The more meat you eat, […]

July 23rd