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Are your veggies truly vegan?

My vegan friends depend upon farmers markets and CSAs for most of their food supply. When you’re trying to make ethical food choices, it makes sense to get your produce directly from local farmers. But recently I’ve noticed that many small, organic farms use fertilizers based on animal products. Fish emulsion and fish meal from […]

June 28th

Big Surprise: Farmers’ Markets on the Increase

The USDA (rather belatedly) began tracking farmers’ markets in 1994.  Although they’re still not very good at it (a check of their database shows exactly THREE in my hometown of Cincinnati which in reality hosts dozens every week) even with their limited knowledge of and connection with actual farmers (!) they’re seeing significant growth in […]

October 1st

The Locaquaffer: Fresh Peach Wine Spritzer Recipe

It’s peach season! Fresh peaches are abundant in many farmers’ markets right now, and they are delicious this year. Take advantage of a fresh, local, seasonal ingredient for your evenings on the deck with this summer-in-a-glass recipe for peach wine spritzers. Fresh Peach Spritzers 6 fresh peaches, quartered (I leave the peels on, but peel […]

August 6th