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The Kickstarter Food Deal You Don’t Want To Miss

This is one Kickstarter food campaign that you don’t want to miss: Snack Bars…Made from Crickets. Yes, you read that right: Crickets as in made from edible insects. Hopper Bars, an Austin, Texas start-up, has come up with a line of nutritious, environmentally sustainable cricket protein bars.   Hopper Bars are made of all the […]

August 13th

10 Bugs You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

Many insects are actually a good (and cheap) source of protein, and while most people eat bugs out of necessity, nowadays some insects are also considered a delicacy. Eating bugs could even help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So pull up a chair, grab your plate, and read on to learn the top 10 edible insects, based on taste and popularity.

November 27th

Pest Control in the Organic Garden

You’ve worked hard getting that garden planted and tending it with care, but inevitably nature takes its course and the bugs find those veggies. Is it any surprise they’d want to eat the delicious fruits of your labors? You can’t blame them, after all. But you can prevent pest damage and control problems.

July 22nd