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New Study: Eating Fish for Heart Health? Not So Fast!

A new study suggests that mercury and Omega-3’s affect heart health in contradictory ways, making fish a less-than-ideal source for these healthy fatty acids. To skip the mercury, skip the intermediary: go directly to the source! Plant-based Omega-3’s provide the same heart health benefits, but without the mercury — and without the environmental devastation or unnecessary suffering and death, while we’re at it. What a bargain!

September 4th

Red Wine’s Heart Healthy Chemical Unlocked

Grapes (like many plants) make lots of chemicals, called polyphenols, from resveratrol to protect themselves against invaders, particularly fungi. And, it is those polyphenols that, among other things, enhance brain functions, make your bones stronger, is good for your diabetes, keep you young, prevent cancer and protect the heart and brain.

June 29th

Five Wine Myths Dispelled

The process of making wine is one of nature’s most mysterious and magical transformations, but with all that magic comes a ton of misconceptions, misunderstandings, and flat-out wacky claims. Think anything that comes in a bottle, has a cork, and contains alcohol is good for you heart? Do you flaunt the thick “legs” on the […]

July 29th