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Are There Any Coconut Water Benefits?

Have you ever wondered: What exactly are the coconut water benefits for your health? Well, you’re not alone and the question has been popping up a lot lately. Experts such as Marion Nestle (FoodPolitics) and Michael Moss (New York Times) have both taken a “tough look” at health claims on coconut water in the past few weeks.

August 6th

11 Beverage Industry Fails

There’s been a flurry of beverage industry news lately, and most of it falls in the fail department. Soda- and commercial juice-makers try all kinds of marketing techniques to make us think that their products are natural, healthy, and even good for the planet. At the end of the day, it’s up to us as consumers to look past the marketing and see what’s really in the bottle.

March 26th

Amazing, Intriguing Health Benefits of Turmeric

I have a great fondness for curry dishes. There’s something about the warm, earthy spice combinations that makes me crave all the variations from Indian to Thai, Vietnamese to even my own attempts at home. A few recent studies of turmeric, one of the main curry ingredients, have given me new reasons to love curry […]

September 23rd