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Pumpkin and Pancetta Soup [Recipe]

Pumpkin and Pancetta Soup This is a recipe from Jill Silverman Hough, cooking teacher and author of “100 Perfect Pairings: Small Plates to Enjoy with Wines You Love” (Wiley, 2010).  Her work has appeared in Bon Appétit, Cooking Light, Fine Cooking, Clean Eating, Napa Sonoma, and other magazines.  “The hardest thing about making this soup is tackling the pumpkin-and that’s not very hard at […]

October 31st

Eat Your Pumpkins & Drive Green in Any Car

Listen, laugh & learn with the Green Divas (and Green Dude Scott) anytime – Podcast here! Lots of pumpking talk and GD Lisa wrote a companion post on 3 Yummy Ways to Eat Your Halloween Pumpkin. The Sleeping Naked is Green segment focused on pumpkins of course! Lots of nutritional facts about pumpkins and a few […]

November 2nd

Toffee Apples

Toffee apples, or candy apples, are fun and simple to make. Here’s a simple recipe to try just in time for the Halloween season.

October 14th

Top Five Scariest Vegetables

© Bernd Juergens | Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Beet Leery of the leek? Afraid of asparagus? Broccoli your personal Boggart? It seems witches are not the only green thing that scares us. You are not alone. According to a 2007 study published in the American Journal of Medicine, […]

October 30th