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Environmental Impact of Eating Meat

New United Nation Food and Agriculture report tells us again that eating meat has perhaps the largest negative environmental impact of any human action. And more than half of the world’s crops are fed to animals. I’ve written on the relationship between eating meat (or being vegetarian) and the environment extensively before. However, there is […]

June 24th

Study Shows that Grazing Helps Cut Greenhouse Gases

A new study published in Nature this week found that grazing animals on grasslands reduced the amount of nitrous oxide released by those grasslands. Nitrous oxide is the third most important greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide and methane. It contributes to the destruction of ozone in the atmosphere and accounts for roughly 6% of the […]

April 9th

Problems With Claims That Organic Farming Can Mitigate Climate Change

[social_buttons] In November of last year, two writers working for the Soil Association (the major Organic organization in the UK) published a 212 page document titled: “Soil Carbon and Organic Farming:  A review of the evidence on the relationship between agriculture and soil carbon sequestration, and how organic farming can contribute to climate change mitigation […]

January 20th