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Book Review: “Building Soils Naturally,” Organic Gardening Bible

Building Soils Naturally by Phil Nauta is an extensive (and scientific!) look at the importance of soil sustainability in organic gardening. While it may not be the most budget-friendly answer to dirt 101, but Building Soils offers an expanse of how-to knowledge to very literally lay the groundwork for any greens to grow, without asking one to buy out a Lowe’s.

August 18th

Sustainable Wine Tweets: 18 Green Wine Geeks To Follow on Twitter

Twitter has a huge green community and a huge wine community. But, luckily, if you’re interested in both, the list gets a bit smaller. This post is a Venn diagram of where these two communities intersect. In this cross-section there are journalists, filmmakers, non-profit organizations, wineries, wine shops, app makers and industry consultants as well as a whole bunch of individual winemakers and bloggers. To put it simply, these are tweeple I follow to keep up on what’s going on in the the sustainable wine space.

May 6th

8 Tips for a Green Holiday Party

This is the most party packed time of the year! Lots of food, drinking and tons of waste going on. So however you choose to celebrate, do your best to be nice to the earth while you’re at it! Here are just a few tips to help you green your holiday celebrations!

December 21st

Panasonic Hosting… Earth Lunch Hour?

Panasonic is an electronics company, right? So, what’s it doing in the environmentally-friendly food world? Well, I guess even electronics companies have to eat… er, their employees do. In some sort of take-off on Earth Hour, I imagine, Panasonic is hosting a 24-hour social-media-a-thon on eco-friendly eating today, Earth Lunch Hour. Really, this is a […]

October 6th

Getting Greener with America’s Best BBQ

I come from a “barbecue town.” Correction, I come from, arguably, The Barbecue Capital of the Free World. This is, of course, Kansas City. Now, all of you in Memphis can protest along with the Brisket Brigade from Texas. But, there it is. I’ve thrown down the grill mitt. Because of my location, I can […]

July 31st