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Healing the Earth Through Eco-Spirituality

Laugh, learn and listen to the Green Divas Radio Show & Podcast!

A profound show to say farewell to HomeGrownRadioNJ as we move on to our new studio digs – WMTR 1250AM in June. There was a wonderful energy in the studio, which was partly because of our in-studio guest, author Caroline Fairless, who brought a light-hearted, but powerful message about connecting the green/sustainability movement to the awesome spirit of nature. We talked about Caroline’s book, The Space Between Church and Not-Church: A Sacramental Vision for the Healing of Our Earth.

June 2nd

Compost 101: Don’t Start a Garden Without It!

No garden would be complete without its own natural recycling system, a compost pile. Without a way of dealing with compost, weeds and scraps are waste. But why create more trash when you can turn your garden and kitchen waste into valuable soil-building fertilizer? One of the first steps to starting an organic garden should […]

April 3rd

Have Your Health and Eat Your Cake, Too: Nutritionist Jodi Greebel Teaches You How to Splurge Responsibly

For me, eating ‘healthy’ used to mean one stick of butter instead of two.  But for the sake of my arteries (and wardrobe!), I decided to ditch fatty foods in favor of an all-natural diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and any other low calorie, high protein substance that typically had a distinct flavor, resembling cardboard. […]

January 7th

Tracy Stern, Green Living and Tea: The Height of Fashion

Tea is one of those things that unites people.  The experience of sharing a cup with friends, or that momentary feeling of steamy relief with the sip of a chamomile blend when you’re sick or a bedtime ritual that soothingly lulls you into slumber. It also comes with other healing and beauty benefits that Tracy Stern, founder […]

December 18th

Recession-Proofing Your Home is As Close as Your Kitchen

According to James Poterba, Head of the National Bureau of Economic Research, we are officially in a recession, so it’s more critical than ever to start cutting expenses wherever possible.  One of the biggest areas in which you can reduce spending — especially in households with children — is right in your own kitchen. Here are some helpful tips […]

December 7th

Behind Gavin Kaysen: Award-Winning Chef and Vegetarian Virtuoso

Behind the Burner brings us another beacon of culinary mastery, Gavin Kaysen, a renowned chef whose vibrant vegetarian dishes are as notable as he is, and whose unique approach to simplicity brings unexpected boldness to his creations. Currently the Executive Chef at one of New York City’s premier dining destinations, Café Bouloud, Gavin blends international flair with practical application, and […]

December 3rd

5-Star Dining at Home: Behind the Burner brings you tips and tricks from today’s top chefs.

We all know the joys of dining out, feasting on flavorful fare, consuming creative cuisine and devouring decadent desserts, ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ at the tantalizing tastes that whisk us from the doldrums of everyday life to some epicurean plane of existence. But what if you could create those culinary masterpieces at home? Thanks to Divya Gugnani, […]

November 18th