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Reader Recipe: Cinnamon Currant Granola Recipe

The base of this granola recipe consists of the traditional oat mixture, with a little added flare in the form of almond meal, popped amaranth, and shredded coconut. The classic crunch of granola, the slight chew of the currants, and flavor of the coconut make for a fabulous combination.

July 15th

Peanut Butter Banana Granola

[social_buttons] My boyfriend loves to have granola for breakfast every morning. But the store-bought stuff is either super expensive or has a suspiciously long ingredient list. To reduce our grocery bills and help him eat healthier, I started making a batch of granola each week. It only takes about five minutes to put together and […]

May 3rd

Upgrading The College Diet: Breakfast On The Go

Since I’ve been in college, my morning routine has remained pretty consistent: wake up, brush my teeth, make some coffee, get dressed, make my bed, collect my school things, fill up my thermos with brew, and go. The whole she-bang takes about an hour. The last step, in which I am walking out the door, […]

October 29th