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On the Quest for Healthy Carbs, the Debate Continues: Should We or Shouldn’t We Eat Grains?

Comfort foods get their generalized nickname for obvious reasons; we reach for certain foods, namely those carb-heavy foods like sweets, fried foods, breads, and pasta, when we’re feeling stressed, depressed, or even under the weather. We may also reach for them when we’re feeling especially good, comforting ourselves through the jitteriness of a budding new romance, a new job, a long overdue vacation. But that word “carbs” often comes to mean only those unhealthy indulgences, not taking into account healthy carbs like fruit and whole grains.

August 20th

Uprisings: A Hands-On Guide to the Community Grain Revolution – Book Review

Growing grains locally, whether on a backyard scale or on nearby farms, improves the economic situation of the local community and provides stability in the local food supply. Uprisings: A Hands-On Guide to the Community Grain Revolution shows how groups have come together to grow, harvest, mill, and sell local grains and lists positive steps to start your own local grain movement.

November 4th

How To Profit From The Global Food Shortage

Yet again, I came across an alarming headline: 9 Agriculture Stocks to Profit from Global Food Shortage Really? It must be a satire, I thought. But sadly, no. The website has posted a no-joke analysis of how to profit from the tragic global food shortage. The article suggests that companies dealing in fertilizers, grains/trading, seeds/chemicals, and […]

April 8th

Afraid of Winter Depression? Go Mediterranean

The Mediterranean diet is not only good for its more well-known reasons — protecting against heart disease and cancer. According to a new study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, the Mediterranean diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, nuts, and fish, may decrease risk of depression.

October 14th

Popcorn Can Reduce Your Risk of Cancer!

Did you know that whole grain products, such as whole grain cereals and popcorn, are extremely healthy and not only for their high fiber content? These common breakfast and snack foods are rich in antioxidant substances Fruits and vegetables were generally considered to be our only really significant source of these compounds. Until now. You […]

August 25th

Tips for Eating to Reduce Inflammation

Studies have shown that many illnesses (including several types of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease) are largely influenced by chronic inflammation in the body. Prolonged inflammation causes the immune system to become off balance, and can result in damage to healthy tissue. Poor diet is a main contributor to chronic inflammation, but several lifestyle […]

April 1st