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Urban + Farming = Oxymoron?

According to the Population Reference Bureau, nearly 80 percent of you probably live in an urban area. Some of you may be lucky enough to have a weekly farmers market in a nearby city park or square, but I wonder if you’ve ever thought there might be an actual farm near you. Over the past […]

March 31st

“Clowning” with Six Degrees of Food News

Editor’s note: What does the opening of a McDonald’s in Beijing have to rising food prices in the US, or food riots in other parts of the developing world? Plenty, according to Jen Humphrey, a student in Professor Simran Sethi’s Media and the Environment course at the University of Kansas. This post was originally published […]

Digging for Fresh Ideas: Save Money, Eat Healthy, Support Local and Sustainable Food Systems

Despite the fact that our Wisconsin farmstead, Inn Serendipity, remains covered with that nameless white stuff, my heart sits outside in the garden, ready for spring. Since curing my spring fever won’t come from planting pea pods anytime soon, I’ve learned to channel this vernal quest for change by revisiting old ideas with fresh perspectives. […]

March 12th

Welcome to Our Table

Welcome to Eat. Drink. Better. Of all the current issues out there, not one is as basic or immediate as food. Historically, food has been not just nourishment but a gathering point in our lives, a time to be shared with family and friends, a cause for celebration and gratitude. Food traditions had deep ties […]

February 21st