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What the Flax? Why You Need This Superseed, and What to Do With It

As America grapples with its obesity epidemic and other diet-driven health problems, interest in healthy plant-based eating continues to rise. Whether you’re transitioning to a vegan diet and looking for those heart-healthy omega-3’s, or just hoping to optimize nutritional bang-for-the-buck at mealtimes, embrace the mighty flax seed — here’s how!

March 3rd

Nutritional Support for ADHD

It is estimated that 3 to 7 percent of American children suffer form Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). That adds up to over 2 million kids, one in every class of 25. Traditional treatments involve medications such as Ritlin and Adderall, as well as other prescription drugs.  Side effects linked to ADHD medication include depression, […]

March 1st