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Who Wants To Move To The Agriburbs?

Housing developments for locavores? It makes a lot of sense. I recently heard a piece on NPR about Agriburbs, housing developments that focus on local food production for residents.  Agriburbia, is a movement, but the name has also been adopted by a developer out of Golden, Colorado, TSR Group. They own the website which […]

March 25th

Why They’re Called Heirloom Seeds, and Why You Want Them

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I had no idea what made ‘heirloom’ seeds special (I just thought they were fancy tomatoes). It turns out, most of the commercially available seeds sold at big box hardware and grocery stores are infertile. They’re designed to be infertile so that you – budding farmer that you are – won’t be able to breed your own seeds and grow your own farm. That’s where heirloom seeds come in!

July 31st

EcoFarm Tour 2011: Windmill Cabbages and Seas of Kale

One of the most engaging people that I met during last week’s EcoFarm tour was Ronald Donkervoort, the proprietor of Windmill Farm in Moss Landing. He leases his farmland, a small organic production that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. I have never seen such beautiful and healthy looking produce growing in the field. Walking through the […]

February 2nd

EcoFarm Tour 2011: Organic Cheese and Sheep Udders

 As part of the EcoFarm Conference last week, I had the opportunity to see several local organic farms. The tour was led by Amigo Cantisano, and it included visits to four nearby farms. Cantisano grew up in the region, and as our bus was driving to our various farm destinations, he regaled us with […]

January 31st

EcoFarm Conference 2011: Farmers, Food and Our Future

 This week I have had the good fortune to attend the 31st annual EcoFarm Conference in Pacific Grove, California. On Wednesday we went on a tour of local organic farms, and I have been to a handful of lectures and seminars. Already my head is swimming with information about beneficial nematodes, the rights of farm […]

January 28th