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Top News from the Food Front: Chicken Ick, Meat Recall, GMO Rejection, & Vegan Pizza

This week’s news features not one but two reports indicting the chicken industry, as well as the USDA’s (ahem) ‘regulatory’ oversight of it. GMOs face new and improved regulation in Hawaii, but China kicks our imports to the curb for sub-par GMO-related quality control; meanwhile Whole Foods ditches suppliers over genetically modified ingredients. If you still eat animal meat, beware! Several meat recalls are underway — none of them (so far) involve horse meat, but that could change if horse slaughter’s allowed to resume as planned. A recent study touted health benefits of organic milk over conventionally produced milk; but did you get the full story? Read on, for the week’s top news in food!

December 21st

Go Green by Doing Good

Ukrainian Immigrant Farmer Alexander Velikoretskikh – Mercy Corp NW As I’ve commented on in the past (see What is Sustainable Cuisine? – Part Two), one tenant of sustainability and sustainable cuisine is social responsibility. The problem that many of us have is motivation and the need for good examples. I know that there is no […]

September 2nd