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Food Banks Struggling with Nutrition Based Initiatives

School nutrition standards have been under heavy fire for a long while now and the proposed improvements to the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids of Act of 2010 have generated a highly energized movement that is attempting to ensure that kids are given a variety of healthy food choices outside of federally supported meal programs. While the emotionally charged response to what some might consider irresponsible food policy in schools in justifiable, what about those who struggle to put food on the table and are dependent upon food banks and charitable organizations in order to survive?

March 1st

Ending Hunger Now

It’s not all about producing enough food, but […] about providing people access to that food. So many of us are blessed with access to enough food for ourselves and our families, with enough left over that we waste food at an alarming rate. This talk gives you a look at the face of hunger, and Sheeran shows us some real-life solutions for feeding the world.

August 14th