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Five Baby Steps To Eating More Sustainably (Plus 45 More For Over-Achievers)

Like most of us, I’m doing my best to eat better, waste less, and nourish — not deplete — our planet. Having been a relatively conspicuous consumer much of my life, I welcome simple information, presented clearly, and designed to help me put one foot in front of the other on my incremental journey toward more sustainable living. So the other day, I perked up when I scanned an e-mail boasting 50 tips for eco-friendly eating.

September 20th

Processed vegetarian foods: No more eco-friendly than meat

I’ve known many vegetarians and vegans that subsist on processed foods. Giving up meat doesn’t necessarily make it easier to avoid the pitfalls of the Western diet, after all. Frozen veggie burgers, “chicken-less” nuggets, soy cheese, and seitan sausages often seem more convenient than cooking a meal of plants, grains, and beans. But given that […]

July 26th

Tracy Stern, Green Living and Tea: The Height of Fashion

Tea is one of those things that unites people.  The experience of sharing a cup with friends, or that momentary feeling of steamy relief with the sip of a chamomile blend when you’re sick or a bedtime ritual that soothingly lulls you into slumber. It also comes with other healing and beauty benefits that Tracy Stern, founder […]

December 18th