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Seasonal Eating for Your Soul

Fun fact: On Wednesdays I help Vegetable Husband, a local CSA, by sharing the week’s harvest on their blog along with some recipes to help folks cook what’s in their baskets. It’s a fun, delicious way to stay in tune with what’s local and seasonal, and these transitional times of year are my favorite.

September 7th

Wild Eats Library: Must-Reads for Foragers

Last week Hank Shaw posted this piece on The Atlantic Food Channel about his favorite books for foragers. It’s an excellent list of must-reads for anyone interested in wild edible plants and mushrooms. Here are a few more books that I’d recommend adding to your library.

July 7th

Are your veggies truly vegan?

My vegan friends depend upon farmers markets and CSAs for most of their food supply. When you’re trying to make ethical food choices, it makes sense to get your produce directly from local farmers. But recently I’ve noticed that many small, organic farms use fertilizers based on animal products. Fish emulsion and fish meal from […]

June 28th

Is It Really Possible to Eat Locally?

[social_buttons] Is it really possible to eat locally? Three of the most common criticisms I see of eating locally are that it can only be done in areas of high agricultural concentration, like California, only in the summer when produce is abundant, and that nutrition will suffer for eating only local food. Well, in the […]

April 21st

Eating Local with Help From GOOD

We talk a lot about local eats around here. John just wrote earlier today about how local farming could help revitalize the city of Detroit. Around this time last year, Carla went into some broader benefits of local food. Whether you choose local to reduce your carbon footprint, connect with your community, or because you’re […]

January 4th