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How To: Smoothies

We got on a huge smoothie kick this summer. We discovered that a dinky little blender of ours could actually make them and were making smoothies every day for a week or two. Now, while smoothies are a delicious, special treat, they are not at all difficult to make. However, if you’ve never made one before, you may not believe me. So, I’m writing this short little post (photos included) to tell you how to make smoothies (or, at least, how I like to make them) and to let you know about one of my favorite recipes.

July 26th

Top 5 Recipes for Farm-fresh Eggs

[social_buttons] Besides being happier birds, pasture-raised chickens produce eggs that are more nutrient-dense than their industrial counterparts. Their yolks are intensely orange (from the caratenoids found in green grass) and they have stronger structural integrity than the eggs you can buy at the supermarket. Plus, an egg from a grass-fed chicken tastes a whole lot […]

May 11th

Farmers Market Fare 15

It’s still August, and thus, still tomato season. Around our house, we are eating about 15 lbs. per week. It’s a lot of tomatoes. Yet, tomatoes are so versatile, so easy to cook in so many ways. Come December, they will be the first on the list of fresh produce that I miss most. If […]

August 12th

Easy Beer Bread Recipe

Happy Earth Day! One our favorite local dining spots is both a microbrewery and a leader in using local vendors to source their ingredients. They have a great beer bread appetizer, served with blue cheese butter and cheddar-chive butter. We order it almost every time we go there, and I finally decided that I wanted […]

April 22nd