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Top News from the Food Front: Vegan Romance, GMO Controversy, Organic Boomtime

What’s new in food news? Great things and foolish things! Veganism boosts sexytime, organics go mainstream, and states take action against agricultural abuse of antibiotics. Meanwhile the GMO labeling battle rages, the biotech industry throws well-funded hissyfits, and U.S. trade suffers because we can’t get our GMO problem under control. Read on, for the week’s best and worst news in food!

April 12th

The ADHD-Food Connection: Can Food Cure ADHD?

Is there a relationship between ADHD, food and behavior? Are there foods to eat, and foods to avoid? Research suggests there are.   I recently came across an article about how ‘poop pills’ could help infection victims. That led me to an article about how probiotics might be helpful for relieving anxiety and depression. And then I came across an […]

October 28th

7 Ways to Ditch Fad Diets, & Change Your Lifestyle!

How many ‘eating plans’ have you been on, in your lifetime? According to the CDC, 70% of adult Americans are overweight or obese — and that number is not decreasing, regardless of the fact that the fad diet industry is booming. If you’re working towards healthy-body-weight goals, it’s important to consider just why quick fix diets don’t work. And more importantly, it’s important to explore the basic rules of what does work! For a lastingly healthy lifestyle and an end to destructive fad diets, read on…

July 18th

Do You Eat Mindlessly?

While researching the milk industry’s attempt to use artificial sweeteners in milk without labeling, I can across some interesting data. In specific, a webcast featuring Dr. Brian Wansink of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab and author of Mindless Eating in which he discusses his “award-winning academic research on food psychology and behavior change.” Some takeaways from the […]

May 9th

How Important Is Breakfast?

An email, this time from LuckyBolt a breakfast and lunch delivery service in San Francisco, alerted me to new research that suggests that, as your momma (and LuckyBolt) told you: “Eating breakfast makes you happy and healthy…It’s the most important meal of the day!” LuckyBolt sites new research discussed at, that says that 93% of Americans […]

April 16th