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Vegan Recipe: Deliciously Dairy-Free & Fair-Trade Chocolate Chips

Going vegan is easy; but finding fair-trade dairy free chocolate chips at a reasonable price can be challenging! Not only do manufacturers like to sneak in the ol’ cow juice, but many chocolate companies just LOVE exploiting child slavery — which I strongly prefer not to support, thankyouverymuch. Since both vegan and fair trade factors are important to me, and since I don’t have an unlimited fund for building up my chocolate chip pantry shelf, I tinkered up this recipe for cruelty-free dairy-free fair-trade nom. Enjoy!

August 10th

“Chanukah Glutton” & Latkes

Nothing signals Chanukah like latkes, those sometime addicting, sometime leaden potato pancakes fried in oil. A new book, edited by Emily Franklin titled, How To Spell Chanukah…And Other Holiday Dilemmas, contains a chapter: Chanukah Glutton by Tova Mirvis that captures the essence of the ruitual food. From How To Spell Chanukah…And Other Holiday Dilemmas: Chanukah Glutton by Tova […]

December 11th

A Joyful Weaning: Embracing a Dairy-Free Life

Last week, the latest in a series of undercover cruelty videos highlighted some of the animal abuse intrinsic to dairy production. Dairy consumption can also cause or aggravate many health problems, and creates enormous environmental pollution. If you’ve been thinking of exploring a dairy-free lifestyle, there’s never been a better time to try it out! Shifting towards a more compassionate, healthy, sustainable dairy-free kitchen doesn’t have to be daunting. Armed with a little knowledge, an adventurous spirit, and some vegan cheesecake recipes, going dairy-free can be surprisingly easy and delicious!

August 28th

The Staying Power of Dairy Hormones

A new study by researchers at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center found that hormones injected into dairy cows during the “production” phase may stick around much longer than expected. Much like that couch surfing friend who has overstayed his welcome, wastewater near dairy farms “contains significant concentrations of estrogenic hormones that can persist for months or even years.” What goes […]

June 11th

Vegan Ice Cream Challenge: Review Roundup

Summer is starting to wind down, and it’s time to say goodbye to weeks of eating far, far too much delicious ice cream. Thanks for all of the great comments and suggestions. You guys really helped take this challenge to the next level! After six weeks of grueling, scientific research, here is my favorite flavor […]

August 20th

Wheatless Wednesday: Chalk it up to Cheese Alchemy — Garden-Fresh Pizza without Dairy or Soy Cheese

This twist on classic pizza ushers in summer with a tender gluten-free crust, garlicky oven-roasted tomato sauce and the zing of fresh herbs.  You could top this with homemade mozzarella cheese or soy cheese, but what if you’re avoiding both dairy and the highly-processed soy isolates found in many cheese alternatives? Is it even possible […]

June 17th