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GMOs in Natural Breakfast Cereals

GMOs are found in many breakfast cereals labeled “natural”, including popular brands like Barbara’s, Kashi, and Mother’s.

The Cornucopia Institute tested a wide variety of breakfast cereals for genetically engineered ingredients. What they found is surprising. Even long-time respected natural brands contain 25%-100% GMOs.

October 13th

Horizon Organic Milk Claims Misleading Customers?

Horizon Organic Milk is marketed by White Wave, which is a division of Dean’s Foods. It is the largest organic milk bottler and the largest dairy conglomerate in the United States. The Cornucopia Institute filed a formal request with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last week “asking for an investigation into Dean Foods’ advertisements for its Horizon milk with Omega-3 DHA.” The Cornucopia Institute believes that Horizon Organic Milk’s nutritional benefits are being overstated.

April 25th

These Eggs Are Organic – Technically Speaking

Certified Organic foods are supposed to be grown or raised differently from conventional foods – environmentally-benign pesticides and fertilizers, if any at all, and pastured, humanely-raised animals. But is that always true? The Cornucopia Institute spent two years visiting the chicken farms of organic egg brands and what they found was not always pretty.

October 7th

Target Admits Organic Soy Milk Advertising Error

Following a US Department of Agriculture (USDA) investigation, Target Corporation quietly admitted last week that it wrongly advertised soy milk being sold in its stores as organic when in fact it was not.  The error relates to newspaper advertisements that showed a picture of soy milk on sale at Target stores labeled as “Organic”, which […]

December 22nd

Look Closely – Your Tofu and Soy Milk May Not Be Organic

In news that may make supermarket label readers and organic consumers even more wary, a recent report raised serious questions about many brands of soy products. The investigation by The Cornucopia Institute included a survey, in person visits to farm and processing facilities, and a review of import data from over 60 soy product companies.  […]

May 27th

Horizon, Aurora, and Woodstock Organic Milk get the Smackdown from Cornucopia

What’s the integrity of your organic milk? The Cornucopia Institute’s Organic Dairy Products Scorecard pulls no punches in its ratings of organic milk producers. [social_buttons] Which brands are at the bottom? The factory farms of Horizon, Aurora, Woodstock, Natural Prairie, and Shamrock. The recently updated Organic Dairy Scorecard rates 107 organic dairy producers based on […]

October 29th

Don’t Let Them Cut Off Our Nuts!

[social_buttons]Help Overturn the Mandated “Pasteurization” of Raw Almonds Almond Growers Sue USDA Over Compulsory Almond Treatment Your support is needed to win the lawsuit brought by domestic almond growers against the USDA. The Cornucopia Institute has been fighting to protect access to truly raw American almonds. When the USDA announced their intention to gas almonds […]

September 18th

Almond Growers Sue USDA Over Compulsory Almond Treatment

Are your raw almonds actually fumigated or steamed? Over a year ago, the USDA implemented regulations requiring treatment for almonds, alleging that it was a necessary food safety requirement. Two outbreaks of salmonella traced to almonds were reported in the last ten years, one traced to a 9000 acre nut farm, and the Almond Board […]

September 12th