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‘Comfortably Yum’: A Vegan Cookbook for the Comfort Food Lover

comfortably yum

If you’ve been a vegan for any number of years, you may be doing quite a few head turns lately. All of a sudden, the vegan diet is popular with former presidents and vice presidents. With heavyweight champions and Olympic gold-medal winners. It’s the on-and-off again diet du jour for Beyoncé. We’ve certainly come a long way from the good ol’ days where we considered ourselves lucky if we could find tofu, let alone a vegan cookbook with recipes how to cook it.

February 8th

Cowgirl Creamery Cooks: Classic Mac and Cheese [Recipe]

Want to know how to plan a cheese course? What’s the best wine to serve with cheese? How to make the perfect mac and cheese? The stunningly beautiful Cowgirl Creamery Cooks cookbook has all the answers — and more! Just north of San Francisco, in the rolling hills of Marin County, the Cowgirls — as they’re known […]

November 6th

Flour, Too’s Mama Chang’s Hot and Sour Recipe

This hot and sour recipe has “all of the bright and peppery flavors of the hot-and-sour soup you get at a restaurant with none of the glop.” It comes from Joanne Chang’s new cookbook Flour, too, a collection of the 100 most-requested savory recipes from her four Boston cafés. “Here are all of the bright […]

September 26th