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The Health Benefits of Eating as a Family (Film)

We all know families that gather together on a regular basis to sit at the dinner table and eat as a family. The general motivation behind this tradition seems to be to spend time as a group, to catch up with one another, and to reflect upon each other’s days. Yet, in addition to this sense of togetherness, researchers believe that health benefits ought to become an inspiration for family dinners.

January 12th

Bringing Real Food to the People: The Guerilla Garden Ninjas City Co-Op – EcoLocalizer

The Guerilla Garden Ninjas City Co-Op is located in Los Angeles. Rivas-Raymer started this food co-op as a way to share and exchange different foods, as well as ideas about how to prepare healthy food, among her local community members. It’s a way to expand the concepts of freeganism directly to the source and freely share with each other.

Reader Tips from Facebook

Did you know that you can find Eat Drink Better on Facebook? If you’re not a fan, we’d love for you to click on over and connect with us! We’ve only had our fan page for a couple of months, and it’s already becoming a place where you guys have offered some great input and […]

July 26th

Edible Schoolyard – A Non-Profit Group Teaching Gardening to Urban School Kids

With all the news surrounding food safety, global pollution, misguided government food policies, and the myriad of other problems faced by consumers, it’s always comforting to occasionally read some good news.  Here’s a bit of uplifting news.  An organization, Edible Schoolyard, bringing gardening knowledge to junior high school kids in urban areas. The program strives […]

September 18th