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Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

I love dark chocolate, and I’ve heard it’s good for you (or, at least, not bad for you) but I had never really looked into how much nutrition, what kind of nutrition, or what kind of other health benefits it offered. (I just assumed people were telling me the truth and didn’t concern myself too much with the matter — I eat it when I feel like it.) However, today, I have decided to look into the matter (yes, to write this post). After grabbing a little dark chocolate my partner brought me from the Czech Republic recently and sitting down to research the matter, I have to say that what I’ve found is pretty impressive…

June 2nd

Chocolatey Myths

The biological properties of cocoa are widely misunderstood.  A Science News article has recently reported that chocolate needs to be looked at in a new light. According to the article, consumers have treated dark chocolate as a good source of  the antioxidant flavonoids that appear to reduce blood pressure and perhaps protect people from dangerous […]

December 15th