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“Organic” Not As Healthful As You May Think

Organic foods may be tainted by heavy metal pollution regardless of anyones’ intentions.  A post on titled, Food Labelled ‘Organic’ Is No Guarantee of Safety—Shocking Levels of Heavy Metals in Imported Food Highlight the Danger, has pointed out that if you don’t know where your organic food is coming from it may be tainted: Irrespective of whether farming […]

July 7th

Mass Food Poisonings Create Food Safety Questions

Last week, a strange case of food poisoning amongst elementary school children was suspected to be attributed to school lunches.
Now, those investigating the situation are thinking it might not be as isolated as originally thought. But before you get too freaked out, this incident occurred in China, not in the United States. However, that doesn’t mean safety standards shouldn’t be scrutinized here as well.
Food poisoning put 368 children in a Chinese hospital in early April, but now two other food poisoning incidents have occurred in recent days in the same area. What might that mean?

April 19th

Just Say No to GMOs

The Atlantic is on the case! In an article ominously entitled “The Very Real Danger of Genetically Modified Foods,” author Ari LeVaux exposes what’s lurking in our veggies. Dun dun dunnnn. Here are some very major points to take away from the article, though many implications are yet to come.

January 27th

Would You Like Some Leather with Your Milk?

China has some food issues.  To name a few from the past: dodgy imports, melamine-tainted food, poison toothpaste, using plastic in food, babies growing breasts… Why do they do this?  Much like drug-dealers, in order to make more money, food producers ‘cut’ their products…and they can get away with it. Here’s the latest scandal exposed… […]

April 6th