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How NOT To Celebrate Food Day + Tips To Make It Right

Yesterday was Food Day 2012. And while I try to keep my posts positive, I take a pass on this one. Here’s the scoop… I’ve been excited about this day and what it means. I’ve shared ideas for how our readers could celebrate Food Day in their locales. I, however, was in Atlanta traveling for work. And […]

October 25th

Eating Vegan at National Restaurant Chains

You never know when you are heading out for a meal with a group and need to do the best you can with the menu you are given. No matter where you may be in the U.S. (and Canada), you should have no problem finding a decent meal at any of the places on the list below. Obviously, chain restaurants aren’t ideal most of the time, but part of eating vegan in social situations is about showing that veganism isn’t all about sacrifice, right? For a lot of folks, eating out at these big chains is where it’s at.

April 17th