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Gluten Sensitivity May Actually be from Another Component in Wheat

Should you avoid gluten, a protein found in certain grains? Many people do, even if they’re not officially suffering from a gluten sensitivity or from celiac disease, a serious autoimmune disease that affects about one percent of the population. Gluten has become a pariah—blamed for a number of health issues that may not have scientific backing (such as weight gain, skin conditions and decreased cognitive function).

May 31st

Time Saving Gluten Free Products You’ll Love

If you’re living a gluten free life, there are a couple of companies that I’ve come to love over the years for the wonderful products they make.  They’re both great time savers for those days when you’re rushed, short of time, or just don’t have the means to prepare a meal from scratch. Pamela’s Baking […]

August 4th

Celiac Disease – The Ultimate Gluten Free Experience

Celiac Disease is one of the most common, undiagnosed genetic disorders with an estimated 1 in 133 people, or 2 million people, afflicted with the disease in the United States alone (figures cited from here and here).  Persons of Irish, English, and other Anglo backgrounds tend to be more prone to the disease than those […]

July 22nd

Sacred Grain and Gluten-Free Superfood

Which ancient grain: is 15 to 18% protein? has five times the iron as wheat? contains three times the fiber as wheat? delivers twice the calcium as milk? is a great source of magnesium and manganese? is high in linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid? contains both lysine and methionine, two essential amino acids usually […]

September 9th