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Upgrading the College Diet: Study Snacks

  Finals are fast approaching on college campuses.  It’s the time of the semester when students put themselves on “lockdown” to study for comprehensive exams, write papers, or finally tackle that half-page reading list.  Since I’ve been in college, I’ve noticed that most students adopt terrible lifestyle habits before and during finals.  They don’t sleep, […]

December 3rd

Honey is a Health & Fitness Queen

With a lot of great health and fitness benefits, honey should be a common staple in people’s daily diets. Other than its great taste, it has numerous benefits for our bodies, immune systems, weight, and energy which you may not be aware of. Honey is a source of a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino […]

October 30th

8 Easy Nutrition Tips to Combat Stress

Stress… it’s something we deal with on a daily basis.  Some of us take it all in stride, others let it build up to the breaking point. When we experience stress too often, our autonomic nervous system rarely has a chance to activate the relaxation response.  This can eventually lead to physical or emotional illnesses […]

January 28th