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Manure-to-Biogas at Dairy Farms Gets EPA and USDA Boost

The Energy Department’s methane biogas program has been chugging away in relatively obscurity for several years, and now that’s all about to change. The agency has just teamed up with EPA and the Department of Agriculture to announce a new initiative for ramping up manure-to-biogas at dairy farms and other farming operations, called the Biogas Opportunities Roadmap.

Biochar: Improve Soil and Reduce Global Warming

[social_buttons] In addition to supplementing the soil with sea minerals, Claverach Farm and Vineyard also adds biochar. Biochar is basically charcoal, but instead of being used for fuel, it’s used for capturing and storing carbon in the soil. Because biochar can sequester carbon in the soil for thousands of years, it might be able to […]

April 20th

Recovering Iowa, and Looking Ahead

I’ve not posted much yet on the Iowa floods. I think, perhaps, I was holding my breath, waiting to exhale. The exhale is likely to come out more like a long sigh. While the floods have peaked, Iowans are now dealing with the aftermath. Many of the 36,000-plus who were evacuated have still not returned […]

July 2nd

Say What? President Bush Encourages Americans to Eat Local

Headlines from today’s White House press conference included a quote from President Bush encouraging Americans to eat local. It caught me a bit off guard. Putting the comment back into context, however, there are a few problems with the logic of this suggestion, and not just that he, Bush, was the creator of the “eat […]

April 30th