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July 4th Grilling

The July 4th weekend is a big one for grilling. There’s nothing like getting the family or a group of friends together, playing ball with the kids, and grilling up some grub. But grilling also has its problems, environmentally speaking. All that heat produced at the same time and particulate matter thrown into the air […]

July 2nd

Getting Greener with America’s Best BBQ

I come from a “barbecue town.” Correction, I come from, arguably, The Barbecue Capital of the Free World. This is, of course, Kansas City. Now, all of you in Memphis can protest along with the Brisket Brigade from Texas. But, there it is. I’ve thrown down the grill mitt. Because of my location, I can […]

July 31st

Meatless Monday, On a Friday: 8 Vegan BBQ Ideas

It might not be Monday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in some meat-free, carbon friendly eats at your weekend barbecues!  While burgers and hot dogs might be traditional, they’re certainly not doing the environment–or your health–any favors.  Why not surprise your hosts or guests by providing some unexpected and delicious vegan options at […]