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Pesticides That Buy Time

[social_buttons] This is the third in a series of posts talking about crop-by-crop reasons that pesticides are used.  These are reasons that go beyond just protecting the yield of the crop and the inputs of land, water, fertilizer and labor that go into farming – reasons that pesticides are a key part of “sustainability.” On […]

April 15th

Alkaline Eating for Better Body Chemistry, PH Levels, and Overall Health

Going to a body and nutrition expert with my husband is one of the best things we’ve done for ourselves. What was the key take away? Warning! Turn Alkaline! Turn Alkaline? Are we magicians? Well according to biochemists we are! You can change your body chemistry with what you eat! Chemicals have seeped into foods, […]

October 15th

Eating for Energy – 5 Helpful Foods

The foods we eat have a direct impact on our overall energy. Think about how you feel after having certain foods. A greasy fast food meal more than likely leaves you tired, sluggish, and possibly feeling guilty, while a meal full of complex carbohydrates, healthy protein and fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables leaves a […]

March 8th

Better Banana Smoothies help with Spring Fever

I’m here to promote better eating. Not perfect eating, just better eating. I try to buy as much locally-grown organic food as possible, but winter season is humbling. Months of cold gray skies and fewer and fewer local fruits and vegetables make those imported bananas look awfully good. While bananas will never be locally grown […]

April 4th