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Local Apples: Apple Crisp Recipe

After your autumn trip to the cider mill and apple orchard, you are bound to have an overabundance of apples. Since it will take you too long to eat them just having one apple per day, try this apple crisp recipe to use up a few!

September 22nd

Alkaline Eating for Better Body Chemistry, PH Levels, and Overall Health

Going to a body and nutrition expert with my husband is one of the best things we’ve done for ourselves. What was the key take away? Warning! Turn Alkaline! Turn Alkaline? Are we magicians? Well according to biochemists we are! You can change your body chemistry with what you eat! Chemicals have seeped into foods, […]

October 15th

You Can Grow an Espalier Fruit Tree

Do you love fresh, organic, local fruit, but lack the yard space, or even live in an urban environment with little room for growing?  You might want to consider growing an espalier fruit tree.  No, this isn’t some new exotic type of fruit, rather it is a method for growing trees in a hedge-like manner […]

June 21st