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Is the FDA Farm Antibiotics Ban Too Good To Be True?

For years, food purists, evangelists, activists, you name it, have been fighting to get the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to enforce oversight into the mega-food industry. The concern that arose thirty-five years ago pertained to the dangerous misuse of antibiotics in food, which scientists feared would lead to drug resistance.

Now, reports are saying the FDA might finally seal the deal — banning antibiotics by court mandate. The ruling, issued by Judge Theodore H. Katz of the Southern District of New York, may make antibiotic use in livestock much less prevalent.

April 6th

Washington’s Drug Feud With Taiwan

Americans may have a bird’s eye view to a lot of things, but U.S. citizens are largely kept in the dark regarding food safety issues, even if those issues have global implications. If you’re a regular reader here, you’re probably already aware of the gross prevalence to which America’s meat is filled with unnecessary hormones […]

February 23rd

Demand Fair Competition from the USDA and Meat Packing Industry

Would you like the choice to have food from farms where animals are treated respectfully, and farmers use ethical and environmentally friendly practices?  Or do you want to be forced to buy meat that comes from factory farms with wasteful and environmentally damaging practices, where animals are loaded with hormones and antibiotics, and forced to […]

August 5th